Monday, February 11, 2013

  • Been eating fairly well lately, but maybe a little too lax on the "cheat" days when I eat whatever I want
  • Hovering around the 185 marker
  • Went for a run Friday with a friend and did a few miles around the lake behind my house
  • Last week I injured my neck and I've gone to a chiropractor three times so far getting that fixed
  • The running was a bad idea I think, with a neck injury. Doc said I need to stick to low impact exercise for now
  • Went to a tai chi class yesterday that Chris and I want to start going to together, along with a kung fu class that happens directly afterward with the same group
  • Karate has been amazing. If I was doing better with my eating, I'd probably have lost more weight and felt better than I do now
  • And that's my life update

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Anonymous said...

Keep going Ellie! I still check your blog every once in a while, and I so badly want to see you meet your goal and happy with your weight! I know you can do it!