Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh, uh, hey there...

The last 6 weeks or so of my life have just been weird. Busy, fun, life-changing, hectic, intense, and awesome! I knew in the back of my head that it'd been a while since I visited this lil bloggy blog, but I didn't realize it'd been over a month.

Or that my last post was a single sentence about brussels.


The thing is, this blog isn't for anybody else. I don't assume that I have this grand, curious audience with wagging tongues hanging from their mouths, agape with eagerness for my next epic post. Nah. It's basically a way I can keep accountable to myself, something to look back on, and hopefully occasionally a venue for encouragement for my buddies (and strangers).

So I'll give ya'll a quick update of random life-happenings and such as of late. :-)

  1. I ran the Peachtree Road Race! Yeah! I totally ran 6.2 miles! I don't know what my time was... I didn't have a watch and I haven't bothered checking. I don't overly care. I'm just happy that I did it! I'm basically dragging all my loved ones with me to do it beside me next year.
  2. I was working 80 hours a week for a lil bit there. Uh, yeah. Bad idea. Fitness and nutrition totally took a major halt when that happened. Sleep was a joke, food consisted of overloads of caffeine and carbs, and I ran maybe twice in 3 weeks.
  3. I moved out of my apartment and in with a family for whom I am a part-time nanny for room and board. Moving sucks.
  4. I didn't end up doing the triathlon I signed up for. It just wasn't going to be a good idea. I had been swimming a lot early and mid July, then just stopped when I moved. I got a bike, but I haven't actually really ridden it more than a few miles yet. And running, like I said, has been sparse. I ran 4.5 miles a couple days before the race, and swam 20 minutes in a lake a few days before too. But it just didn't seem like a wise idea to push the race when I hadn't been doing the training. So that was disappointing. 
  5. I'm still signed up to run the Athens Half Marathon in about 7.5 weeks. Uh. Yeah....
  6. I turned 21! And I'll just go ahead and say that beer isn't low-carb. Or rather, good beer isn't. So. Phooey. 
  7. I went to the gym today and weighed in at 184 with clothes and sneakers. So somehow, despite the gallons of dark stout and pear cider I've been consuming at a rather alarming rate (along with many, many carbs... oy vey), I haven't actually put on any weight (since the last recorded weight I can find was 185 sans clothing articles). But I can tell I'm pudgier! I know I've lost some muscle (although I can still do a good couple pushups and run a few miles, etc). Strength is weird. I basically just want to get to where I am comfortable running in a sports bra and tight booty shorts. :P
I suppose that's all for now. 
But I haven't given up, I'm still pushing, and when I was running today listening to the Dark Knight soundtrack and consulted my heart as to whether or not I still felt passionate about running a marathon one day and achieving all of those dreams I once had, well, it was all still there.

Carry on, kids. Thanks for the attention, my ego loves it. Cheers!

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